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ABOUT THE CRICKET CHATTER | Cricket news | Cricket schedule

Cricket Chatter is the premier destination for cricket news and analysis. Our team of experienced writers and analysts provides in-depth coverage of the Indian cricketing world, from the Indian Premier League to international tournaments.
We strive to bring our readers the latest news and insights on their favorite teams, Indian players, and matches. Through our website and social media channels, we ensure that fans are up to date with the latest happenings in the cricketing world. is an online platform that seeks to bring cricket lovers together and provide them with a space to engage in meaningful discussions about cricket. Here, you can read, write and comment on articles, find out the latest news and updates, and connect with other sports enthusiasts. We believe in encouraging healthy conversations and creating a safe environment for everyone to share their thoughts and experiences, specifically about the Indian Cricketing world. 
Hence was born on 3rd January 2023  by Mr. Dilip Ahluwalia and Mrs. Navisha Ahluwalia, with an idea that we will express our thoughts and let people from around the world join in the discussion.
Dilip Ahluwalia completed his education in 2015 and holds a BSc. Hons degree with a specialization in Marketing from Bradford University, UK. 
Navisha Ahluwalia completed her education in 2017 and has done MBA with a specialization in Marketing and Human Resource Management from Delhi and Executive Program in Digital Marketing from IIM Indore.

We also keep users updated about cricket news!

Our content is raw and directly from the perspective of cricket fans.

Dilip Ahluwalia

Founder & Lead Writer

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Navisha Ahluwalia

Co-Founder & Creative Head

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