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Shreyas Iyer will walk straight into the side if fit - Rahul Dravid

Cricket Chatter

Feb 15, 2023

We certainly value the contributions of people who've been there, and if they've missed out due to injury, they deserve the right to come back in. "We'll take a call after a couple of days of training," Dravid said.

"He's had a long session today in terms of training today, we'll assess it tomorrow as well, once he comes in for a light hit, and see how he feels in the evening. But certainly, if he's fit and ready to go and ready to take the load of a five-day Test match, then it is without doubt that his performance means he will walk straight into the side.""Without it being written in stone and without it being a rule, we certainly value contributions of people who've been there, and if they've missed out due to injury, they deserve the right to come back in, if they've performed, irrespective of what has happened in the time that they've been injured," Dravid said.

"So yes, it's something that I can't answer for everyone, but it's certainly the outlook of the team management [in this case]. And yes, Shreyas has played well against spin, but what's really stood out has been his temperament. We've been in quite a few pressure situations with Shreyas around, right from the first Test match that he played, his debut game in Kanpur.

"We've been in some tough situations, and he and Rishab (Pant) and (Ravindra) Jadeja, really, have been the ones who've been bailing us out and playing those critical knocks. His (Shreyas Iyer) temperament in Bangladesh, when we were under pressure, along with Ashwin. That's something that's a really good sign, obviously along with his skill of playing spin really well. "He has spent a lot of time in domestic cricket before getting in, so he obviously understands how to get runs, but I think at this level, also what really counts is your ability to deal with those pressure situations, that temperament, that ability to find solutions and find answers when we are under pressure, and from the little sample size that we have, he's been very good at that. "It will be nice to have him back, and he certainly has been one of our better players, he deserves it and people in the team understand that as well. They know if they are replacing someone who is injured that person will probably come back, and the same thing will be followed for them as well - if they get injured, hopefully we"ll be able to give them the same treatment as well"

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