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Virat Kohli – The Captain We Did Not Know We Needed!

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

As we look back one thing is certain we were so happy and content with Dhoni’s captaincy that we certainly could not and did not want to look beyond. Virat Kohli had massive shoes to fill when he was announced the captain of the Indian Cricket Team.

Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni

People had mixed feelings about his captaincy, majorly because moving on from Dhoni was a tough ask from us fans. Dhoni had many options to choose from in order to groom a player for captaincy and he chose Virat Kohli.

Yes, Virat Kohli got bad publicity for his aggressive on-field behavior but Dhoni ignored this as he knew something which the outside world couldn’t see.

Captain Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli as a captain was aggressive and attacking.

He had in-depth knowledge and understanding of the game with a plan for the future of Indian cricket: whether it was about the lethal pace attack we craved or the standard of fitness levels of players.

Virat had the hunger and desire to dominate teams in their own backyard and he did it with a lot of success.

Virat Kohli made test cricket one of the most watchable formats of the game with his on-field dramatics. He won 40 out of 68 matches as a captain, the best win record for any Indian captain.

He still had a lot of captaincy left in him and should have continued as a captain for ODI and TEST formats.

One can argue that he could not win any major trophy but as you look back you see that India were the favorites in Champions Trophy 2017 Final, we were the favorites in 2019 WC in which we were knocked out by New Zealand and we surely were the most deserving team to lift the inaugural Test Championship Trophy. In all these three tournaments, we lost due to 45 mins to 60 mins of bad play or hard luck one can call it. Maybe he wasn’t destined to win these trophies as a captain.

Was Kohli the Best Test Captain of all time?

  • YES!

  • NO!

If one can evaluate by looking into the past the only result of the evaluation will be that Virat Kohli deserved to win these 3 trophies as a captain.

If you look back at the interview of foreign players from different teams, they all gave India a big thumbs up for being the favorites. He did everything in his capacity to be able to make us the favorites and make us the deserving team to lift these trophies. Under Kohli’s captaincy Indian team became the most dominating force in world cricket. No one even came close to us, we were no longer the weaklings when traveling. His leadership has enabled the team to be competitive and successful in all conditions, both at home and abroad. He has changed the way Indian cricket is played, with a focus on aggressive and positive cricket. His commitment to the team and his unwavering determination have made him an inspirational leader, and one that the Indian cricket team can be proud of.

We were better at everything and anywhere in the world. Virat as a leader redefined Indian Cricket.

Virat Kohli smashes a century

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