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Urvashi is stalking Pant and it must STOP!

Publicity Stunt by Urvashi Rautela has crossed its limits.

Urvashi Rautela has been posting and talking a lot about Rishab. She even traveled to support the Indian Cricket Team but it is evident that she was there to get under Rishab's skin who seems to have no interest in her.

Urvashi wished Rishab recovery via her tweet and days later posted a picture of the hospital where Rishab is undergoing treatment. One can only imagine what would have been our reaction if Rishab was doing to her what she is doing to him.

She is giving psycho vibes to the entire nation and the BCCI at some level must intervene in order to protect our players against any form of mental harm, although it is for Urvashi to know that no player or team or anyone else for that matter can get under his skin and all her actions will eventually go in drain.

Do you also think Urvashi is doing this for publicity?

  • Yes!

  • No!

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